Greatest on-line congress of agroecology and permaculture in the world

More than 30 lectures and a range of knowledge never seen before

#1 agroecology course!

#1 permaculture course!


Jacimar L. de Souza

Ph.D. in Agronomy

Carolina Starr

Consultant on Biodiversity and Ecosystems Services.

Caterina Batello

Team leader on Ecosystem services and Agroecology the FAO.

Paul B. Thompson

Professor & WK Kellogg President in Agricultural, Food and Community Ethics.

Ulrich Loening

D Phil in Biochemistry from the University of Edinburgh.

Guilherme Castagna

Founder and partner of Fluxus Ecological Design.

Joshua Farley

Ph.D. in Sustainable Development.

Tor Arvid Breland

Agroecologist, Norwegian University of Life Sciences [N.M.B.U.]

Philip B. Stark

Professor of Statistics at the University of California, Berkeley.

Geir Lieblein

Agroecologist, Norwegian University of Life Sciences [N.M.B.U.]

Anna Marie Nicolaysen

Agroecologist, Norwegian University of Life Sciences [N.M.B.U.]

Hans Rudolf Herren

PhD in Entomology-Biological Control

Steve Gliessman

Ph. D in Agroecology

Teja Tscharntke

Professor of Agroecology, University of Göttingen, Germany

Luo Shiming

Professor of Agroecology, South China Agricultural University.

Adriana Galbiati

Environmental Engineer and Permaculture.

Manoel Baltasar

Professor and PhD in Environment.

Elias de Melo

Researcher at the Tropical Agronomic Center for Research and Teaching - CATIE.

Valdely Kinupp

Ph.D. in Plant Science and Horticulture.

Charles Francis

Agroecologist, Norwegian University of Life Sciences [N.M.B.U.]

Carlos A. Khatounian

PhD in Sustainable Agriculture.

Milton Padovan

Ph.D. in Agroecology

Event Schedule

The Congress will be from 04/10 to 10/10/2017
Day 1
04 out 2017
Day 2
05 out 2017
Day 3
06 out 2017
Day 4
07 out 2017
Day 5
08 out 2017
Day 6
09 out 2017
Day 7
10 out 2017


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